Round Four: BioVlog 193 of 384

My next adversary is Diego Gonzales. He has light gloves that cover his knuckles, but his fingers are free. He moves in with his fingernails, gripping a hand full of flesh, which burns badly. He sweeps my legs, spinning me down hard to the mat. I grab him and pull him down with me. We roll and tangle, and wrestle for advantage until we are pulled apart. We stand back up, I bulldoze ahead. I keep throwing front hand back-fists towards his face.

As soon as an opponent defends against my punches or kicks, I know every part and location of their body parts and know where to strike. As he defends against my back-fist, I loop my hand around his defending hand, and I catch Gonzales hard with an overhand punch right on his chin. I can tell he feels it good! 

I whip around and catch him with a spinning heel-hook kick to the right side of his head that lands really hard. The action doesn’t stop.  Back and forth we sweep each other to the mat, punching and stomping each other until “Time” is called. 

BB Round 4

To be continued before or after the movie…