Seduction and Suckers: BioVlog 149 of 384

I finished my shows, ate a giant lobster and, I’m sitting in the dimly lit bar dealing seconds to myself, getting ready to call Jim Blowers to come pick me up. 

I hear a voice. “What are you doing?” a woman asks with a slight touch of gruffness, “Daydreaming and dealing?”

The question startles me and I momentarily stop dealing and turn toward the voice emanating from someone, obviously female, now seated next to me in the lounge. I detect a hint of bravado in how she poses the question.  

“Are you anybody I should know?” she adds in a subtle, seductive way.

“That depends . . .” I say, leaving the rest of the sentence hanging in midair. 

She offers her hand and says smiling, “By the way, my name is Janalee.”  

I take her hand, shake it, introduce myself, answer why I’m manipulating cards, and then I do a few tricks for her.