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New Film about Richard Turner in Production

Director Luke Korem

A new biographical film about Richard Turner is currently in production from Austin film director Luke Korem. “The autobiographical film will feature interviews from Turner’s wife Kim, other family members, friends, magicians and Turner’s hometown of San Diego.” This article from mySanAntonio tells the story: Download a PDF copy of the article: Newspaper article about…

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Richard Turner’s Million Dollar Thumb as Fish Bait

thumbprint image

In Costa Rica over Christmas 2012, my son Asa Spades, my brother Mike, and I caught one four- foot Mahi Mahi, one nine-foot marlin, and five seven-foot sailfish. For one of the sailfish, I used my right thumb for bait. Enjoy the 45 second video of the seven-foot sailfish tasting my thumb.

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Reviews of Conned

Conned graphic

SHOW REVIEW: “Conned”@ City Theatre Posted up by DC-in-Detroit on 18.1.13 New friend of MCB, Jayme, subjected himself to the conmen down at City Theatre to bring us this special report. This Thursday evening, we were fortunate enough to be in the audience for the opening night of “Conned” at Detroit’s City Theatre. This 3-hour…

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Conning in a Theater Near You!

Conned graphic

Conning soon in a theater near you: Conned is the first show of its kind. The cast of “con artists,” cheats, and swindlers expose the secrets of the streets in a wild night of schemes and scams. The cast features four of the most renowned international con artists: Bob Arno, Banachek, Todd Robbins, and Richard…

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Talk about Richard Turner

Richard Gambler photo

Face the Nation with Bob Schieffer interviews a number of authors  including Alex Stone who writes about Richard Turner. You can watch the interview at Diving into dark depths of fiction – lighter with magic. Richard is mentioned after the commercials then at 10 minutes into the piece.

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The Magic Life Documentary in DocuWeeks Showcase

kings and aces

The documentary The Magic Life (directed/produced by Nelson Cheng) will be playing next month at the Laemmle NoHo as part of the DocuWeeks Showcase (put on by the International Documentary Association). It’s a great screening series focused on documentaries and will actually make the documentary eligible for Academy Award consideration! You can view the trailer…

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Driving Them Batty in Toronto

Full House with Batty

During his recent visit to Toronto, Richard Turner donated Batty games to several organizations. Magicana thanked Richard and explained the benefits of the game on its blog.

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Read about Richard Turner

newspaper image

The Huffington Post book page has published an excerpt from Fooling Houdini: Magicians, Mentalists, Math Geeks, and the Hidden Powers of the Mind. The excerpt comes from the chapter on Richard Turner.  

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The Turners Featured in The Magic Life

Film photo

The Magic Life, produced by Nelson Chang, is a documentary film about magic and magicians. Richard Turner, Kim Turner and Asa Spades Turner are all featured in The Magic Life. Recently The Magic Life got into another festival / screening series — it’s called DocuWeeks and it’s put on by the International Documentary Association. The…

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Toronto Appearances

Canadian flag

Richard Turner appeared on the Morning Show in Toronto recently. View the video of his appearance. Richard was also interviewed by CBC, and the video is available online.

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Fooling Houdini

"Fooling Houdini" book

“Fooling Houdini,” the new book from Harper Collins by Alex Stone, hit the market June 19. The press release about the book states: Venturing from the Las Vegas Strip to the halls of academia, FOOLING HOUDINI traces the history of magic and the impact of its seminal moments, spotlighting the contributions of famous headliners and…

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